Dry Type Transformer

The dry type transformers generally confirming to IEC 726 specification or as per standard specification of the customer. These transformers are designed with core material of very low specific losses. This helps to maintain the temperature rise of the core with in specified value.
The HV windings are generally with conductors of class H/F insulation&LV winding with H/F class copper conductors or bare copper foils are used and the inter layer insulation is NOMEX paper. The conductors used at the high voltage side will be of NOMEX paper or class H enamel. The active part of the transformers are properly dried in an oven and impregnated under vacuum by using class H/F insulating varnish. The active part is assembled in a suitably designed weather proof enclosure. Standard accessories skid base or wheels, lifting lugs, terminals earth point etc are generally incorporated. Other special features like tap changers, cable boxes, temperature indicators or controllers, anti vibration pads etc are provided if specially included in the order specification.

Dry type Transformer Range:
Small transformer = 16 KVA to 100 KVA , (1-Ph & 3-Ph up to 1.1 KV)
Medium transformer = 160 KVA to 400 KVA, (1-Ph & 3-Ph up to 33 KV)
Higher transformer = 500 KVA to 5000 KVA, (3-Ph up to 36 KV Off load & On load tap changer
Voltage Class: VPI Transformer up to 11 KV & CRT up to 33 KV.